Food Products Storage Temperatures

Food products useful storage life :

food useful storage life


Recommended Storage Conditions for Fruits and Vegetables :

recommended storage conditions for fruits and vegetables

Meat and poultry: These items also require refrigeration right after slaughter during
processing, packaging. Short-term storage is done at 0 deg. C. Long-term storage requires freezing and storage at -25 deg C.

The cold chain has proved to be very effective in reducing spoilage of food and in
food preservation. It is estimated that in India, the post-harvest loss due to inadequate
cold storage facilities is high as 30 percent of the total output. The quality of remaining
70 percent is also affected by inadequate cold chain facilities. This shows the importance
of proper refrigeration facilities in view of the growing food needs of the ever-growing
population. Refrigeration helps in retaining the sensory, nutritional and eating qualities of the food.